• Chilled Bakery

    From doughnuts and éclairs to Continental patisserie tarts, we make products that cover the full chilled bakery spectrum whilst maintaining that ‘homemade’ quality for which our company is renowned.

  • Dairy Desserts

    In our UK facilities we can create delicious desserts for every occasion – from everyday trifles and sundaes to more complex layered desserts. We also source great products from Senoble sites on the continent – from yoghurts to wholesome creamy rice puddings, crème caramel and chocolate custards.

  • Hot Puddings

    With state of the art production equipment we are able to offer a full range of puddings from individual fruit crumbles to a large sticky toffee sponges.



Our market environment is dynamic and constantly changing and we like to think we lead the categories with development driven by consumer and category insight. It is essential we deliver innovative propositions whilst offering our well-loved traditional products.  Our chefs are dedicated to identifying the latest trends and being the first to market with high quality inspiring desserts.

Everyday we blend our know-how, working in close partnership with our customers and suppliers,  in order to provide authentic recipes which respect both taste and quality – values dear to the heart of Sophie Senoble, founder of our family business.